Our Demo website for a Sushi Restaurant

The Art of Food

Authentic Japanese sushi in the convenience of your home town! Sushi has delicately hand crafted sushi rolls from our lead chef Chaun. All of our food are freshly caught from the great lakes, and all of our fruits and vegetables are home grown in our very own farm behind the restaurant.

More information about the restaurant would go here. This could include you, or the restaurant’s passion, goals, and other information that would draw the potential customer into reading more about the company and interested in buying the Sushi/Food.

Selected Menu



Bread Sticks

Our perfectly baked bread sticks are drizzled with a sweet honey butter.

Shrimp Dumplings

Packed full of Shrimp, Cucumber, Green Onions, and seasoned with sesame seed oil and ginger.

Spring Roll

A deep fried roll consisting of minced pork, shredded carrot, and bean sprouts served with Worcestershire sauce.

Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp Roll dipped in beer batter and tempura-fried.

Chef's Special

Christmas Roll

Combined with crab, shrimp, salmon. With a deliciously thin layer of avocado topped on top.

Philadelphia Roll

Salmon that has been smoked using in house wood, cream cheese, and cucumber.

Tuna Roll

Tuna stuffed sushi roll covered in our special spicy sauce.

California Roll

Our California Roll comes with everything you'd expect with one special ingredient added for max flavoring.

Vegetarian & Spicy Sushi

Cucumber Roll

This roll is designed without any meat whatsoever. Cucumbers, Avocados, and topped with a sweet sauce.

Avocado Roll

A tasty dish served without any meat. Avocado, cucumber, and seasoned delicately to distinguish itself from our Cucumber Roll.

Volcano Roll

Spicy tuna and cucumber positioned in the middle of a chunk of tempura rock shrimp perfectly drizzled with basil oil

Spicy Crab Roll

Eloquently flavored with spicy sriracha over top of our fresh crab meat.